Jersey City Newborn

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing this little guy and his parents. He wasn’t in the happiest of moods but we managed to get some great shots despite it all!

Look at this sweet little face. He went from pleasant as can be to “pick me up now!” in a matter of seconds.

All dressed up and nowhere to go! This hat and bow tie are my favorite prop for the little guys!

I love capturing candid family moments! The love for each other and their new baby is so evident in these tender moments!

Be on the lookout for more street photography this summer as I explore a different styles of photography.


New York River Cruise

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be able to chaperone a trip with the fifth graders at my school. We got to spend a couple of hours on a river cruise taking in the sites of NYC. It was a beautiful day for it.

Even though I have red shoulders as a result of being put on the water for three hours it still was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.